America – its promises and its failures

America’s founding principles were noble, but the promises they made have not yet been achieved.


Let’s Try Something New

Often surviving on very little sleep, my mind wanders a lot in the course of the day. Following my diagnosis, my delirious musings led me to think about all the injustices I’ve experienced in my life, the opportunities lost, the friends lost, the misunderstandings, the depression and loneliness – all because I didn’t have the benefit of an early diagnosis or support.

Schooling and the cult of presenteeism

Originally posted on Leahurst66:
Earlier this month, Leicestershire Live reported on the case of a parent who was prosecuted and fined for failing to ensure her school-refusing teenage daughter’s regular attendance at school, despite having made valiant efforts to get her there and fully co-operating with the authorities in the face of the child’s outright…